Food Manager Info

Law: All establishments require at a certified food manager present in the establishment at all times. 

Choose from a  National Ansi Servsafe Live Class or a Texas online course: We recommend the Live Class because it is fun, easy, allows for student networking, and is quicker. The Live Class uses a national ANSI ServSafe program.    

ONLINE Non-Proctored Course and Exam is a Texas non-proctored course and exam and is taken at your leisure. That means no one is needed to watch you take your exam! Click here for online food manager course.   Course and exam take about 10 hours but can be taken over several days. 

LIVE Class is Fun,Visual and Interesting: Susan Speyer, R.S. is a retired City of Austin Health Dept restaurant inspector and Food Manager Instructor for the City of Austin in Texas Susan Speyer’s wit and horror stories make learning fun and interesting. Classes taught with a variety of training methods -film, photography and discussion, and visual aids. You will get a take home book that you can self-study for future classes.

Class Dates for Live Class: Click here to view schedule

What to Bring: Pen/pencil, ID, paper, your reading glasses. 

Enroll: Walk-ins welcomed. Registration not required. Call 512-478-0884. payment is made in classroom. $125.We accept cash, checks, credit cards.  Class is both instruction and exam.

Certification: The ServSafe certification a 5 yr is recognized not only by City of Austin Health Dept but Nationally. ServSafe is a registered trademark of the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation, and used under license by National Restaurant Association Solutions, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of the National Restaurant Association.

Private Group Classes Available. Safe Food 4 U of Austin, Texas was established in 2004 by Susan Speyer, R.S. Ms. Speyer is a former City of Austin Health Dept restaurant inspector and Food Manager Instructor for the City of Austin in Texas; She has trained thousands of City of Austin Texas Food Manager students for the City of Austin Health Dept.