Online Texas Food Safety Certifications
TX Food Handler, TX Food Manager, TX TABC Alcohol ,
HACCP & Convenience store UST
ANSI or TX Food Handler Online Certification
Certification:    Your 2 year ANSI Food Handler Card or Texas Health Dept Food
Handler Card is available for printing immediately after taking course and exam. Both
are accepted by all Health Depts in the State of Texas.  

ANSI food handler certification is only available in English.  ANSI certification exempts
the student from any local registration.  Courses in Spanish are a State of Texas course
and may require an additional local health department registration.   
 Click here for
instructions and info on registering your online  Texas Food Handler certificate with
your  the Health Dept.  
ANSI  Food Handler (English)                  $10

Texas Food Handler (Spanish)                 $10

Combo Course : ANSI Food Handler + TABC (English)     $19.99

Combo Course:  Texas Food Handler + TABC (Spanish)   $19.99