Live Food Handler Class

Take a real live Texas Food Handlers class. No exam. No reservations needed. $20 cash only.  See  our public class schedule below or have your manager arrange for private group classes at your facility.  You can take just food handlers class alone or do a Combo TABC + Food Handlers class. 

Food Handler Schedule

Classes held the following place and dates:
  • (Spanish) 4:00pm-5:30pm  IHOP 707 E. Cesar Chavez Tues Sept 17
  •  (English) 4:00-5:30 at IHOP downtown 707 E. Cesar Chavez Tues Sept 24, Oct 1
  • (English)  8:30am-10:30am  Westgate Lanes bowling alley 2701 W. William Cannon Sept 18 Wed, Sept 26 Thur

Combo Food Handler + TABC class: 

Make it a combo class by taking both the Food Handler +TABC Alcohol class back-to-back.  Combo class is $35 cash. Your Social Security Number (ITIN) and photo ID are required. 

  • (English) 4:00pm-7:45pm IHOP 707 E Cesar Chavez Tues Sept 24, Oct 1
  • (Spanish) 4:00pm-7:45pm IHOP 707 E Cesar Chavez Tues Sept. 17
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