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Requirement:  All food establishment employees in the City of Austin and many other Texas cities must get a
State of Texas Food Handler Certification.   In Austin and a several Texas cities, these State of Texas Food
Handler Certification must be registered with the city in which the food worker is employed.

Food Handler Certification:    A 2 year Texas Dept. of  State Health Services Food Handler Card. Our food
handler class  gives you  a
State of Texas Food Handler Card  that is accepted by all Health Depts. in the State of
Texas.  So when you take our class, and move to another city, you will be exempt from retaking a Food Handler

Automatic City of Austin Food Handler Registration:  If you work in Austin you must have your State of Texas
Food Handler Certificate registered with the Health Dept.  We do that for you in the live classes and online.  You
don't need to.

Lost your City of Austin Food Handler Registration #?  Find it here.   City of Austin Food Handler
Registration Numbers
Print out the page displaying your certificate number and submit it to your employer.  Alternatively, If you were
registered through Safe Food 4 U, we can reprint a certificate for $5 if you come at least 15 prior to the start of a
regular food handler class.  You may also get another copy by going to the Health Dept at 1520 Rutherford and
paying $14 or by sending in
City of Austin lost certificate form.

Schedule: Safe Food 4 U specializes in private on-site plus regularly scheduled food handler classes.  Classes
are 1 1/2 hrs in English or Spanish. A TX Food Handler Certificate and your local Health Dept. Registration is
awarded directly after class.  
Click here for the Dates and Locations of Classes

Fun and Interesting:  Our  instructors and stories make learning fun.  

Experience:  Safe Food 4 U was established in 2004 by Susan Speyer, R.S.  Ms. Speyer  is a former restaurant
inspector and Food Manager Instructor for the City of Austin.  She has taught  thousands of students in Food

Cost for  Classes :   ( Eng./Span) $30 (cash only) for Austin food Handler. The price includes the Austin Health
Dept Registration.  For  Food Handlers who do not work in Austin, the Food handler Class is just $20 cash.

Online (Eng/Span) $9  for a state of Tx Food Handler certificate (if you use the discount code food).  Cost for the
TX Food Handler + a City of Austin Registration is $21 (if you use the discount code
food).   Click here to
download additional local registration forms and details.
Food Handler Certification Class
Specializing in On-Site Food Handler Training
English and Spanish Texas and Austin Food Handler Certification Class

Tx. Dept. of State Health Services Food Handler Program License #14 & #55   
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